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Sucre Restaurant

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65 Peter Rose & Anira Street Queenstown, Georgetown
Phone Number:
Hours of Operation:
8a.m. to 7p.m.
Outdoor Dining:
Yes, outdoor dining is available.
Delivery Only
Outdoor Dining:
No, outdoor dining is not available.
Delivery Only
Delivery Type:
Pickup Only
Delivery Only
Pickup & Delivery
Delivery Service:
Pickup Only
Delivery Only

Join us at Herdmanston Lodge's Sucre Restaurant and Bar! Whether Sunday Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner, you'll enjoy an enchanting, elegant, and euphoric experience that's simply 'un-heard' of!

  • Utilise LEDs
  • Composts Food Waste and Recycling Plastics, Glass, Aluminum, Cardboard, and Paper
  • Utilise napkins, paper towels, tissues, take-out containers, and other disposables that are made from high post-consumer recycled content
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