Guyana Restaurant Week

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I include a cocktail or glass of wine in the fixed price?

Yes, restaurants can include beer, wine, cocktails, or any other beverage within your Restaurant Week offer.

Can I include the Restaurant Week logo on my website and in promotional pieces?

Yes. All participants will receive the official Restaurant Week logo and potential sponsor logos to be added to your menu. You may also download it from our website

Do you have to offer menus with pre-fix prices?

Yes. Each restaurant determines its own menu but must offer at least a 2-course menu for lunch and/or a 3-course menu for dinner inclusive of tax to match GRW’s preset price points.

Do I have to pay the fee twice if I have 2 restaurants with the same name in different locations? Do I have to send my menu to GRW?

Yes. Each restaurant will be listed individually and included in all promotional material as a separate restaurant.

Does my restaurant have to offer three appetizers, three entrees, and three desserts to choose from? Does my restaurant have to participate for the entire length of Guyana Restaurant Week?

No. It’s up to you to decide what is offered on your menu. Many offer a special menu or include their entire regular menu as part of the promotion. Be sure to create/offer a menu that will showcase your restaurant's full potential for maximum return.

If I have more than one restaurant? Does each have to register separately?

Yes. All restaurants receive identical benefits, so each restaurant has to register individually.

Is there a participation fee?

Yes, each restaurant pays a fee of GY$30,000 and must be paid by the deadline to participate.

What are the benefits of organizations participating?

GRW participating restaurants benefit from the exposure, increased business, and encourage new groups to delight in their cuisine. Patrons will, in turn, will be asked to share their best experiences/testimonials that will be posted to our GRW Facebook and Web page.

What does the fee cover?

The fee assists in the marketing and promotion of Guyana Restaurant Week. This includes the placement of time signals, arranging radio slots, and coordinating online and print marketing.

What are the deadlines for the registration & submission of menus?

The deadline has passed for this season.

What if I miss the deadlines?

The establishment may not be included in GRW nor any promotional activities. Partial submission, unfortunately, will not be accepted. This is enforced to protect the integrity of the initiative. THAG will not be held responsible for missed deadlines.

When will my restaurant be listed on the website?

Your restaurant will be listed upon completion of your registration, including payment of the participation fee. Your listing is on a first-come, first-listed basis.

Will THAG offer any special training to participants of GRW?

Yes. Interested persons are asked to e-mail the THAG Secretariat at or call us at 225-0807 or 621-2883 to find the programs.