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Who is THAG?

The Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana is a membership based, non-profit, hotel and tourism group that is the lead voice of stakeholders in Guyana's destination product.

Through the years our efforts have been instrumental in realizing the changes needed to grow our businesses and provide memorable experiences for our visitors.

What do you do?

We exists to:

  • promote sustainable tourism development;
  • ensuring quality service for its clients;
  • to provide benefits to its members;
  • collaborating with  government institutions;
  • networking with local, regional and international agencies

Why do I join?

We provide opportunities for members to make new connections, be a part of a community with like interests and benefit from initiatives that can directly affect the efficiency and success of their businesses.

The intention of the Association is to act as a catalyst bringing members closer to potential clients in a cost effective way.

News & Events

Our Work

Guyana Restaurant Week

We have over 15 participating restaurants attracting hundreds of daily diners for the most anticipated culinary event in Guyana. 10 days of delicious creativity.

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Brunch with your Bunch

For three days, selected restaurants come together to offer attractive buffets at a Prix Fixe price of $4,000. This encourages new and regular customers to relax and embrace whatever gastronomic delight is in the offering.


Tourism Development Fund

The TDF allows THAG to make a contribution to the actions and decisions that help tourism in Guyana. We do this by collecting a small voluntary contribution from our visitors.


Explore Guyana Magazine

This is the only magazine of its kind in Guyana. It is published with the full support of the Guyana Tourism Authority, which helps distribute 25,000 copies free  through domestic, regional and international tourism stakeholders and travel partners.