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Who is THAG?

THAG, the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to serving and advocating for the interests of Guyana's dynamic tourism and hospitality sector.

Our diverse membership encompasses a wide array of stakeholders, including lodging establishments, dining establishments, tour organizers, destination management firms, both local and international aviation service providers, recreational and cultural attractions, publishing entities, jewellery retailers, insurance agencies, commercial banks, tour guides, suppliers of various goods and services, as well as tourism students.

What do you do?

We exists to:

  • promote sustainable tourism development;
  • ensuring quality service for its clients;
  • to provide benefits to its members;
  • collaborating with  government institutions;
  • networking with local, regional and international agencies

Why do I join?

We provide our members with the chance to cultivate new relationships, integrate into a community with aligned interests, and benefit from initiatives designed to boost the effectiveness and success of their businesses. Our primary goal is to serve as a facilitator, bridging the distance between our members and potential clients in a cost-effective manner while advocating for policies that streamline operations and reduce costs in the tourism sector.

News & Events

Our Work

Guyana Restaurant Week

We have over 15 participating restaurants attracting hundreds of daily diners for the most anticipated culinary event in Guyana. 10 days of delicious creativity.

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Tapas, Rum & Wine

Experience the best of Guyana's food and beverage culture at our event. Dive into an unforgettable showcase of local cuisine, paired perfectly with our finest rums and wines. This is more than just a tasting; it's a celebration of our vibrant culinary heritage.

Coming Soon!

Explore Guyana Magazine

This is the only magazine of its kind in Guyana. It is published with the full support of the Guyana Tourism Authority, which helps distribute 25,000 copies free  through domestic, regional and international tourism stakeholders and travel partners.