Over 25 Years!

The values we share:

Be the voice of the tourism industry and ensure that we see, hear and avail resources to our members

Raise tourism standards and empower people; promote quality, diversity, and sustainability that is beneficial to all members

Advocate our member needs to the government while championing causes important to all Guyanese; not just tourism

Our board of directors:

The staff that support us:

Treina Fiona Butts

Executive Director

Ms. Butts is Company Secretary and an ex-officio member of the Board and Sub-Committees. She is responsible for the management of the Association’s affairs and the fulfillment of its mission and objectives.

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Oslyn Kirton

Executive Officer

Mrs. Kirton commenced her tenure in 2009 working closely with the Executive Director to execute the Association's mandate and management of finances.

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Our successes to date:


GYD Dollars Raised

Through the TDF, we have raised money to support the growing sector, fund projects and initiatives, and support industry causes


Members Represented

We are proud to be the voice of a diverse group of hotels, tour operators, resorts, airline services, and more


Years in Operation

For over two decades we have been the face of tourism in Guyana and continue to support landmark and startup operations

The partners we share: