Guyana Restaurant Week

June 2022 Invitation

Dear GRW Partners,

You’re invited to participate in Guyana Restaurant Week.

Menu Guidelines

We encourage you to use local ingredients and feature the wine sponsor options at discounted prices.  All marketing materials must state the cost per guest and what it includes. Restaurants may offer lunch or dinner or both.


Lunches must be at least two courses at GY $3,000 (VAT inclusive). You may either do appetizer and entrée or entrée and dessert. Each course can have as many options as you’d like, or your menu can also be a buffet selection that changes daily. 


Dinners must be three courses (appetizer, entrée, dessert) at GY $6,000 or GY $7,500 (VAT Inclusive) depending on your menu items. Each course must have at least two options. There is no limit, but the price remains fixed.

In crafting your menu, think about the following:

  • GRW is about introducing new restaurants and cuisines to local and visiting diners. 
  • Stimulating off-season business while providing a special value to diners. 
  • Raising Guyana’s visibility as a dining destination dedicated to locally sourced cuisine. 
  • Menu options may include Vegetarian and Halaal options.

Benefits to your Restaurant

Your restaurant will benefit from the following marketing and media exposure efforts:

  • Online Promotion: A robust online platform through the GRW website and THAG’s affiliates (Guyana Tourism Authority, Explore Guyana, Visit Guyana, etc.) Regular e-mail announcements will go out to partners promoting the GRW event. 
  • Social Media: Routine posting on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Radio: Restaurant Week will be advertised on local radio stations for several weeks leading up to the event. Restaurant Owners will be given to opportunity to participate in media interviews to promote their menus.
  • Billboards and Banners: Prominently displayed at international airports, malls, commercial banks, and local partners/sponsors.
  • Print Publications: High visibility in the Association’s tourist guide and national press. 

Become a Sponsor

Consumers positively view events that provide quality experiences. By using sponsorship funds, we enhance the moments that make GRW memorable. In turn, the brand behind the sponsorship gets promoted and people are more likely to buy their product or use their service. Also, being a less intrusive form of marketing enables event sponsorship to create trust between the brand and the customers more easily.

We welcome any person or company wanting to be a part of the initiative.

Click here to go to our sponsorship page and fill out the form.