Tourism Development Fund

The Tourism Development Fund (TDF) allows the Tourism & Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) to make a contribution to the actions and decisions that help tourism in Guyana. We do this by collecting a small voluntary contribution from our visitors.

Hotels, lodges and resorts are asked to politely request of their guests a US$1 for each night of their stay. A letter will be provided to the establishment to display in their room or at their front desk.

Proceeds will be used on three areas:

  1. Marketing Guyana both regionally and internationally.
  2. The preservation and maintenance of sites that are part of our heritage and history.
  3. Education and hands-on training initiatives for our young people to assist in employment within tourism.

From the funds collected, 40% will be spent on marketing, 30% on product development and 30% on capacity building and training.

The TDF is by a Special Committee comprising of representatives who ensure that projects undertaken by the fund a strong impact in these areas. THAG will use its existing resources to administer the projects to allow ALL contributions directly distributed towards the projects.

The representatives include:

Committee Members
  1. Director Guyana Tourism Authority
  2. CEO Guyana National Trust
  3. President, Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana
  4. Treasurer, Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana

Properties that have currently contribute to the fund are as follows:

  1. Cara Lodge Hotel
  2. Grand Coastal Hotel
  3. Guyana Marriott Hotel
  4. Roraima Duke Lodge
  5. Roraima Residence Inn