The Flame Restaurant & Grill

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Mon-Sun | 11:00am to 9:00pm
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Block M Providence, East Bank Demerara, Georgetown
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About Us

The Flame Restaurant and Grill serve local and international cuisine, emphasizing traditional Guyanese fare, not only without occasional excursions in other ethnic ingredients and styles. Our main ingredients are sourced from local farmers. The team brings a unique mix of culinary and beverage experiences to offer quality food and a cozy and modern dining atmosphere.

Our Green Initiatives

What are these?

1.Eliminate styrofoam, which keeps harmful chemicals and litter out of our environment. 2.Only buy and serve sustainable seafood – our oceans and fisheries are in trouble. Using sustainable seafood will help future generations enjoy marine life the way we do. 3.LED contains no mercury and use up to 90% less energy, last longer, and emit fewer greenhouse gases.